The Path so Far

Our permaculture aventure is just getting started, we are thinking about soil building, about planting and about practicle use of our space. Sounds easy enough right? I guess….

I guess i should start by explaining what our yard looks like. We have a fairly large lot for being in town. It is approximately 50 feet wide by about 125 feet long. We have a 1000 sq. foot home located closer to the road than the back of the lot. In the front we have a big beautiful Locust tree and a young maple tree. Here we have put in a large flower bed. This is the bed i indulge in, the plants here are mostly for looks, less for usefulness…. although this year we intend to harvest from our lillies. We have Orange day lillies, and apparently the tubers taste strikingly like peanuts. I will let you know after we test this. This bed also boasts a hardy St.Johns wort and a very beautiful creeping thyme patch.

To begin our rather large undertaking we started out by purchasing some fruit trees. 11 of them to be exact. This is a fairly large amount considering the size of our lot (about 50 X 125) 10 of the 11 were planted in the back yard, one in the front. We invested in these fruit trees, as a cost saving measure on future grocery bills, as well as to fill the dawrf tree/shrub zone. the 11 trees consist of 3 peaches, 2 plums, 2 grafted cherries (5 varieties), 2 grafted pears (5 varieties) and 2 grafted apples (again 5 varieties). To further fill in the dwarf tree/shrub zone we have gooseberries (which were there when we moved in), raspberries, blackberries, josta berries (I am pretty excited to see what happens withthese ones), black currants, red garden currants (also already there when we moved in) and blueberries. I just can’t wait to try them all! The berries are all planted in patches to encourage competition between plants, we want them to get big!

Our ground cover zone is currently mainly populated by strawberries (which already have little green berries!).  We are open to suggestions… I am thinking maybe ground cherries or wintergreen. I guess we will see.

As for the veggie patch, as of last night, we had corn, cucumbers and melons coming up… maybe more soon I hope!


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