I uploaded some pictures!

kids play space

Hello Everyone!
So I finally got around to uploading some pictures of our back yard.  Please bear in mind that we are really just getting started, we just this year made the big decision to adopt permaculture principals into our plan. This area will stay basically grassed in for now. As you can see from the picture we have 2 small children and they need play space.  Currently they have the run of most of the left hand side of they yard, but as they grow we will start to fill this area in with shade crops.
The area that kind of looks torn up or tilled, between the fruit trees, has been planted out with a combo of mustard, dill, flax, caraway, fennel and garlic chives. The mustard of one of my favorites, the real trick is going to be saving enough of the sprouts cause I could just eat the all day long. They are kind of spicy… almost dijon-ish. YUMMMMM!   This is the side of our garage. Last fall Joey and his cousin from Holland, Odan, re-shingled. This year we would like to side it… I guess we will see. It may have to wait one more year. So, where the pavement ends we have begun our garden path. To the right of the path there is a small pond (that we are getting some glass rock for! woot!!) Planted around it are ferns, columbines and bleeding hearts, we were fortunate that these plants were on the property when we purchased it.

Peach Tree

To your left as you begin your journey through the garden is the 1st of 3 peach trees. Despite the shade this area gets, this tree is taking much better than I initially expected. It has loads of fruit! Joey thinks we should take all of the fruit off and encourage the tree to work on growing it’s roots. It is a great idea but I am a little selfish and I want to eat some of it’s peaches! If you look at the closer view of it, you can see the small fuzzy balls on the tree, these are the itsy bitsy baby peaches. We did thin the harvest, we removed all of the super small peaches but we left all of the larger ones.
 I can hardly wait for next year, I would love to learn all about canning and making jams, two of those long forgotten traditions. My best friend has volunteers to be a bit of a teacher, and helper when it comes to processing our harvest. She attended culianary school and has a better handle on canning and jamming than I do. I guess that is one of those things they don’t teach you in art school! Ha!  Honestly I think she is as eager to get started as I am!

Plum tree

So, next on our journey is a plum tree. This is another one that I was SO surprised about. It is planted in partial shade, and so I was a little unsure of how well it would take. But as you can see it has done

phenomenally well! It has even
bourne some fruit this year. I think this plum had 3 or 4 fruit already forming. If you look carefully you can see one of the fruits. it is the little oblong green thinggy hanging off of the tree. it is really very cute!
In the background of the plum tree picture you can get a little bit better of a look at the ostrich ferns. If you are going to harvest these delicate, delicious spring time treats (cook them just liek asparagus) make sure you positively identify the plant befor eyou consume them. Ferns can be quite poisonous and I would hate for anyone to get sick from eating something that has been mis-identified!

View walking up to the berry patch

So this view is as you are coming to the side of the garage. In the far background you can see the monstrosity our neighbour calls his workshop. We have planted blackberries all along the fence to hopefully block out the view (just be happy I didn’t take a picture of his yard, what a mess!!!).
The bed that is at the bottome left hand side of the photo, is planted mainly with ferns and day lillies. There are also a few Red Trilliums and a few Jack in the Pulpits, but neither of these plants are edible, and if you see them in the wild, DO NOT PICK them, and DO NOT attempt to transplant them! You can get into serious trouble. Talk to a nursery owner, or your local plant specialist for seeds or for plants raised for commercial sale.
Back to the picture, the crazy, cool grape arbour that my hubby built is just beyond the fern bed. it currently has 3 grape vines growing in this bed. It is kinda funny, but with the system we had last year, these plants hardly grew at all! But he built the awesome arbour pictured here, and I kid you not, I can go out everyday and the plants have climbed just a little bit. Since I took this photo (less thana week ago) they have grown at least 2 inches (on every vine!).
Ok, so the middle ground of the picture is our Gooseberry patch. We were lucky to move onto a property that already had some food crops on it. The Gooseberry patch was established when we moved in (the first year we donated 2 Gooseberry buses to out local community garden). I had never even eaten a Gooseberry until we moved into this home. They are awesome! They can be a little tart (especially before they are ripe), but when they are ripe they are juicy and sweet!

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