I will try to finish up with the original tour today!

I will try to finish up with the original tour today!

Flowering Blackberry Bush

 This is one of the 3 Blackberry Bushes in our backyard. This one is actually done flowering now and has started to form the cutest little berries. I really do think we may have a differnt variety in the front yard. I will eventually get around to taking picture of out there, but I figure I should finish up the backyard tour first.

We will only get a few this year, but just like everything we have put into the yard this year we really cannot expect anything this year. That being said, I am still excited for a taste! Blackberries are one of my favorites. I love them almost as much as raspberries. Nothing beats the sunripe goodness of fresh berries!

This past month the blackberries that are in the back yard have actually grown quite a bit. I would say theyhave shot up at least a few inches. They will eventually get to be like 7-10 meters in height and width, so eventually the fence and the neighbours yard will no longer be visible, and good riddance. This particualr neighbour has a junk yard instead of a back yard. I was careful to try not to get any photos of his yard on here, it is UGLY!

This next photo is of the Black Currant patch. We were able to get 4 black currants this year, I was kind of hoping to get a few more, but I guess I will just have to wait. If we give it a few years, I am sure we will have more than we know what to do with. These guys, like the Josta Berries, have not flowered at all this year. I suspect it is due to being transplanted this year. Either way, they will eventually get flowers and berries. In the background, if you look closely, you can see where one of the blackberries is situated in the yard. To the left of the photo is another and the the right is the third plant. We had to space them so far apart to account for growth. In 5 years they will hopefully be large enough to block out that pesky neighbour.

Black Currants

In this picture you can see a piece of the Serviceberry to the right hand side of the foreground. It is also known as Juneberry or Saskatoon. It is indigenous to Canada and boy is it tasty! The background is our veggie patch. There are hundreds of sprouts coming up in this picture but it had been dry for about a week when I took this picture so they are super hard to see.

To the left hand side of the picture is our newest Blueberry. We got this from a friend, she had it in her back yard for a number of years, but it was just too big for her small yard.  It is very large, believe it or not it is taller than me! We definitely appreciate it, to recieve a mature plant for our yard is just an incredible gift. Not to mentionsit was free and after all free is my favorite price! Thanks Jen!

If you look just beyond the big Blueberry, on the ground level is our Rhubarb. This is a childhood treat for me. I grew up eating Rhubarb all summer long at my grandmothers house. I love looking to find the biggest stalk, picking it, breaking the leaf off and peeling the skin. I guess it is like a summer ritual. It has been a bit dry this spring. No, actually it wasn’t, it was wet for 6 weeks, then it was dry for the last 3. The ground was so saturated, that when it did finally dry out it cracked and had gaping holes in it! We have had to water a lot!  Anyways, this little thumbnail is the Rhubarb getting started.It is just little right now, but in a few more weeks, hopefully it will be large and juicy.


This next picture is of the Raspberries. They are actually directly behind the big Blueberry. This row runs all the way down the veggie patch, right to the fence. There is a small area to walk through to get to the compost area. Most of these plants were put in last year, and many of the branches are heavy with berries already.


The berries are not yet ripe but there are clusters all over the place. I can’t wait to eat them! If we get enough I would like to learn to make jam. I think that would be just fantastic, fresh Raspberry jam on homemade bread for breakfast. MMMMMMM!


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    Great blog looking forward to seeing more


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