3rd Attempt to Finish the Tour!

This is little Stink, Stink is her momma and she is almost identical. She is currently 12 weeks old and if you want her let me know. By the way she is too big to be eaten by a pet snake.

Cherry tree

Moving on, the picture to the right is of one of our 2 Cherry trees. It did not flower this year, but this is one tree I would prefer to work on it’s roots. Cherries are one of my favorite, I could just hang out under a cherry tree and eat every last fruit it has to offer. I totally get why the birds go so crazy for them! I think that once it does begin to fruit we will have to net it, but that is a worry for another year.

The picture to the left is of the other cherry tree. These two are located near the back of the lot, at the edge of the veggie patch. You can see we put patio stones along the back side of the veggie garden to give us a clear path for a number of reasons. One of the most important being that this is how we access our compost. It is also a crucial divide between the veggie patch and a somewhat wild garden area. Against our fence we have a

The other Cherry tree.

rather large oak tree. We have planted 2 grapes that will ideally grow up the Oak. Moving out from there we have asparagus (no yield this year, maybe next year) that we let go to seed, and poppies (not to mention the “weeds”).

Which is actually a topic I would like to touch on. Weeds, what is a weed? Really,  our township uses the word “Noxious” to describe weeds. But here is the thing, most of them are useful, a lot of them were brought to this country as a food source. Dandelion for example, was brought over here to be used not only as a green food source, but also to jelly, to make into wine as well as being used as a coffee substitute. Another useful “weed” I recently learned about was Peppergrass. This spicy little plant taste a lot like wasabi, but without the nose burn. The point I am getting at is that this precious information was not given to me (as should have been my birth right), but I had to spend years seeking it out, years even figuring out what I was looking for. I feel cheated and heartbroken when I think of all those wasted years. All that time I could have been spending with the earth, getting to know her, learning how to work with nature to feed and satisfy myself. It is as an adult that I came to understand what I had been searching so frantically for, the thing that had been missing all along. My interest in plants really did come from having house plants in my apartment in the city. Heck, I spent almost 10 years living in the city, going to Art school, working at a lunch counter. I spent nights out at the local pub, listening to Rockabilly, dancing my face off. It was fun, but that whole time, it was as if something was missing. My voice silenced in a way that was unspeakable, yet undeniable. It just was. That feeling is all but gone as my knowledge of plants, my connection to the earth is strengthened. Everyday. I digress. Sorry, but isn’t that what a blog is for.

This next photo is of our fire pit area. Joey had the best idea ever, and you are looking at it. When we moved in the

Poles for the beans and peas

mature trees on the property were in desperate need of pruning. We had more wood than we knew what to do with and we didn’t want to just chop it up for burning. He took these branches (and a few from a tree he helped his dad take down) and made a surround for the fire pit area. We have planted peas and beans to grow up the middle area of the poles (which are connected by line for the vines). We also (last night) put in a second Honeysuckle. The existing one is white and yellow, the new one is fascia and scarlet. Gorgeous!


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