Bee our guest: Certain herbs will attract the beneficial honeybee,

Thyme: All varieties attract bees. This Golden Lemon variety grows 6-8 inches tall and has tiny variegated leaves.

Borage: Can look leggy and weedy, but produces lovely, periwinkle, star-shaped flowers. Grows to 36 inches. Delicious to eat, with a mild cucumber flavor.

Mint: Bees love all mint, but spearmint grows 24 inches high and has spear-shaped leaves.

Sage: All varieties attract, but this Tri-Color Sage has aromatic foliage of gray-green, cream and purplish-pink variegation.

Lavender: Bees love blues and purples, which is one reason they buzz to this tall, fragrant plant of spiky flowers.

Lemon balm: This perennial herb grows up to 36 inches tall and smells as good as it sounds. Excellent for making tea.

Chamomile: Its lacy foliage is fragrant, but it is the tiny, daisylike flowers that produce an apple-scented tea.

Hyssop: Bees like all kinds. Anise Hyssop is a tall, native perennial which displays coarse, anise-scented foliage and sturdy blue flower spikes.

Basil: Bees love all basil, but the Dark Opal Basil has a wonderful scent and dramatic, purplish-black leaf.

Marjoram: Sweet marjoram grows 1 to 2 feet tall and produces gray-green, pleasantly fragrant foliage.

Catnip: In the garden, it’s beenip. When the leaves are dried, it’s ideal for cat’s toys – and your tea.

Oregano: Good cooking varieties include Italian oregano and the stronger-tasting Greek oregano.

And so on: Other bee-attracting herbs include chives, comfrey, fennel and rosemary. Bee-friendly blooms include black-eyed susan, clematis, lupine, New England aster, sedum, sunflower and zinnia.

Good to know!


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