An Herbaecious Layer

Bleeding Heart

Above is our bleeding heart, it is just one of those plants that makes you want to smile it is just so beautiful! This one is located beside our pond, before you reach the fern bed. It is so lovely when it is in bloom. This year it was almost hip height, and it bloomed for over a month! (Do Not ingest this plant)

So, we have been busy! This past week we have been working on our

Wild Ginger

Herbaceous layer. This is the layer closest to the ground.  It is mainly comprised of ground covers, and smaller herb plants. Pictured here is a native species, called Wild Ginger. It is used as both a culinary herb as well as a medicinal, much the same way ginger your get at the grocery store is. Apparently it has a little less bit than Asian Ginger, but is just as delectable! These 2 little

Marsh Mallow

guys love the shade, and moisture, and in a few years I will have a nice patch going! Until then I will just have to be patient.

To the left, pictured is Marsh Mallow. It was once used

as an ingredient in the sugar treat by the same name. This is a traditional medicinal, and it is native to my area. It will

Marsh Mallow Flower

one day grow into a big beautiful flowering plant (like the thumbnail to the right. They are quite beautiful and useful, all parts can be used, but it is known for it,s use in treating sore throats. I am just excited cause it is one more plant to add to the poly-culture of the yard! Who knows maybe in a few years we will try to make traditional marshmallows!

So there are a tonne of new plants, but I have to upload the pictures, so be patient they are coming!


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