Some new Pictures of the yard

Here are some new pictures of they yard. They were taken yesterday morning, the natural light was beautiful, it was a great day for pictures. It was also a great day for yard work! So, these pictures are a little out of date, as we have spread a heaping pile of wood chips over the one half of the yard.

This is one of our hundreds of day lilies. This one is behind the Garage in the Fern bed. The ferns are super tall these days, most of them are about 4 feet in height, but they are just so pretty!

Lemon thyme has been planted along the path ways, this is for a few reasons; the first being that it is a great hardy ground cover, the second it can be used for culinary purposes, and lastly, so when you walk on it you get a whiff of lemon.

Mojito Mint. This is one of my absolute favorites, it is minty but more wintergreen flavored than peppermint. Not to mention is it is lovely. I like the purple and green combination of leaves. This mint can be used for loads of things, I think I am going to try this one in my toothpaste.

This little green beauty is a Lime Basil. This one has a very strong lime scent, and it is nice added to salads, on chicken or added to soups. I like to just brush it with my hands, then enjoy the smell.

This is a Cat Mint bush, the cats like this one, go figure. It is also useful as a sleep aid, and it is apparently good for keeping the mosquitos away. We actually planted these all around the fire pit, to test this. I will let you know as they grow if they are effective at keeping the mosquitos away.

Wild Bergamont. It is lovely, and it makes great tea! The flowers on this plant are just incredible. they range from fucia to crimson and well I will post a picture if they flower this year. I put them in about 4 weeks ago, and they are just starting to make their come back now.

Herb Bed, inside the fire pit area, looking at the trellis thingger Joey built. The plants in this area include Lemon Thyme, Mojito Mint and Orange Mint.

The seating area by the fire pit. To the right hand side of the picture you can make out the Honeysuckle bush.


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