More Mulch

So we have established that mulch is important for loads of reasons, from fertility to moisture.
I just can’t seem to keep up in terms of taking pictures, there is something new everyday! This morning we got 2 more truckloads of mulch. Our driveways is officially covered in mulch again, and we have a tonne of work to do!

Soapwort can be used to make shampoos and liquid soaps.

We also found a new to us nursery in the area, Kentwood gardens, She had a huge selection (still!) and she had a few plants we have been unable to find at all. So yesterday we went on a bit of a shopping “spree” if you will. We bought a Saskatoon (similar to Serviceberry but different), 2 dwarf cherries (they only get to be about 5ft tall), 2 Bear Berries, 2 Wintergreens, 2 Soapworts, 2 cultivated Bergamonts, 2 Stevia plants and a handful of culinary herbs. I was so excited to have found Kentwood Gardens, I think we will definitely be visiting her again in the near future.


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  1. Posted by Ana Domingues on July 15, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    I should like to receive an alert by e-mail of your new posts. Thank you.


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