Long Awaited New Pictures!

They are here, they are here! That’s right I remembered to bring the memory stick with me today, and I even put the right file on it!So, without further ado, here they are.

Flax and Mustard

This one is for John. The picture to the left is of our mustard and flax plants. They are grown in a horseshoe shape around and between the fruit trees. The mustard has almost all gone to seed, and the flax is pretty close as well. We will harvest both and hopefully have lots to use as well as having enough to plant next year. I really like how they look growing together, the flax is delicate with unassuming flowers, I LOVE the periwinkle colouring of the flowers.  The mustard has hardy hairy leaves, they are large and almost vulgar looking. The yellow of the mustard flowers are like bursts of colour just at the plants tips. The contrast of their colours and textures is really nice.

Self Heal

The picture to the right features a “weed” known as Self-Heal. This pretty little “weed” is actually super useful. Traditionally it was used to cure just about everything from headaches to ulcers, wounds to depression. It gets these cute little purple flowers that grow in a squarish shape. It was coming up in our lawn, but now that we have much less lawn, I have noticed that we have some coming up in the flax and mustard patch, label me excited! I am definitely going to be adding this little guy to my home medicinal list.

mouthwatering lettuce

The photo to the left is of one of many, many, many lettuce plants that we have coming up around the yard. We have some at the side of the house, some in the big veggie patch and some that is planted for seed in other beds. We have had fresh salad everyday for the last month. I would recommend lettuce to any beginner gardener. It is easy to grow, it tastes awesome (way better than grocery store!) and it makes you remember to water (cause if you forget it gets wilty).  I look forward to going out and “picking” part of our dinner every night, regardless of what else we are having.

To the right, you can see


one of our MANY bean plants. There are tonnes of these guys coming up throughout the veggie patch. I really am attracted to the flowers, just like pea plants, they have the most beautiful flowers. This variety had lovely cream coloured flowers, other varieties we have coming up in the veggie patch have pretty violet coloured flowers on them (see below)! These upright vine-y type

Purple beans

plants will have green, yellow or purple beans on them. We even have some kidney beans planted throughout the veggie patch too!
I am buzzing with excitement for the day that I can go out and pick enough for dinner! Joey loves green beans served with browned butter, in a little over a month we will be able to have this awesome side with dinner! YUMMM!

Featured to the left is one of our MANY squash plants, we have several varieties planted, this one has a squash starting already. The thumbnail to the right is another squash plant, I just loved the composition of this photo so I decided to post it!

That’s all for today, more tomorrow? I think it is likely!


3 responses to this post.

  1. beautiful I love to see your sustainable garden practice growing on I look forward to great shares in the garden with you. <|;-) Annie


  2. Love your garden! Annie told me about your blog.


    • Thanks, we are working hard to get it how we want it, and in 5 years all the trees will have grown and the bushes will all bush out and the herbs will be everywhere! I am ecstatic thinking about our future with this yard. It will be amazing!


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