Joey went to the transfer station today at 7:50 am.

So, this morning, before I was even out of the shower, Joey and his dad went to the transfer station. By the time I was ready for work there was a pile of mulch in the front yard, at least enough to cover the grass that is left in the front yard! I will one of these days do a post dedicated to the front yard. For now, just a teaser… We have a front yard and it has loads of plants too!

Burgundy Lily in my front yard.

The last load of mulch we had brought in was for the area that was being used as a play space. The kids play stuff is now much closer to the house and well…. here are the pictures.

Step One: Cardboard to keep the grass from coming up through the mulch.

Over time the cardboard will break down and become part of the soil.

One wheelbarrow at a time, we moved all the mulch from the driveway out into the yard.

Until the whole area was covered in a thick layer of mulch.

So, now when you walk up to our backyard, this is the view.

Up close view of the pond.

That is it for now guys. I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of the newly mulched back yard. Yesterday, Joey seeded the newly mulched area with red clover. I think if it comes up it will be really pretty, soft for the kids to play in and tasty! Until next time, eat your yard! Happy Saturday!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Nice back yard, but need more work to be done.


  2. A friend in California also starts with cardboard (I use six or more sheets of newspaper) and transforms the small frontyards of his clients with cardboard, mulch and drip irrigation in under a year. New plants, no weeds and tidy mulch everywhere.

    Thanks for recording the sequence in your back yard so we all can see your methods.


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