A glimpse of the front yard garden, it is a work in progress too!

Morning Glory

Are you ready? Here is a glimpse into the front yard garden. Just like the backyard, it is a work in progress. Just 3 days ago Joey went with his brother to pick up some logs, and this morning Joey went with his dad to get more mulch! There is a tonne of work still to be done, but many of the flowers are in bloom now, and so here are some of the favorites, and a few pics that kind of put the individual plants into perspective.
Like many front yard gardens, we have focused more on aesthetics then function. We have a few plants that serve no purpose other than they are pretty and the bees like them. Morning glories for example are no edible (in fact the seeds are quite toxic);  But they are pretty and the bees really do seem to like them (especially bees that forage in the morning).

Closest to the house

The picture to the right is of the part of the garden that is closest to the house. Just to the right of the area shown is our walk, and beyond that the drive.
The flowers that you are seeing include Black Eye Susan’s, Turk’s Cap Lilies, Double orange Day Lilies (which are cross breeding with the regular day lilies to create a pretty neat hybrid). There is also quite a bit of Yarrow out front, it is a spreader, and some Oregano that is just about finished flowering. All of these plants will be split and shared either with friend and family or just to be dispersed throughout the remaining empty spaces in the yard.

Can you find my front porch?

The picture to the left is of well, my front porch, kind of. If you look behind the Black Eye Susan’s you can glimpse the steps. Beside the Black Eye Susan’s you can see a Yellow Mum (it is just starting to bloom), and beside the Mum you can see more Morning Glories. I didn’t even plant these Morning Glories, they self seeded from last year. There is a mulch path that crosses in front of the porch, and in front of that we have a bed of Day lilies, they are no longer blooming. That being said when that bed was blooming it was a bit of a show stopper. It is a good thing we live on a dead end street, because it may have stopped traffic. There were about 30-50 lilies blooming all at once in the space of about 6 square feet. It was breath taking.

Cone Flowers

If you look closely at the picture you can also see one of my little Cone Flowers. The one in this photo was moved from the backyard last fall and has made more of a comeback than I had expected for this year, the other which is located closer to the road was purchased and put in this year, it is also doing better than anticipated.

looking towards the drive from beside the peach tree

The morning haze gives this picture a bit of mystical wonder, I only wish the Day Lilies were still blooming!

There is not a lot of interest going on in this picture, but that is mostly due to the height of the Day Lily foliage. To the right of the path (or towards the street) we have some mums and assorted volunteer plants growing.

Wild Carrot, or Queen Anne's Lace

This picture of a Wild Carrot (aka Queen Anne’s Lace) is a volunteer that we are happy to have in our garden. My tummy is rumbling just thinking about it. It is an edible, and a delicious one at that! I like Carrots a lot, and this lovely plant yields beautiful roots that have a strikingly similar taste and scent. Now members of this family must be treated with the utmost respect, there are members of this family that are incredibly toxic and can kill you! Before you touch any of the plants in this family make sure you have identified it beyond the shadow of a doubt! I had to wait until it was in full bloom before I was able to identify it, and now I am gonna eat it!

Turk's Cap Lily and Dill

The Turk’s Cap Lily is one of my favorite, it was new to me last year, as it came with the house, but I identified it and even found out it too is edible. According to Peterson Field Guides Edible Wild Plants of Eastern and Central North America, the Turk’s Cap Lily’s  bulbs can be roasted or boiled and served with butter for a tasty wild treat.  I have not tried these guys, but that is mostly cause I think they are incredibly beautiful; but in a few years, when we have an abundance of them I am going to try it out.

posting it cause it is pretty, more Turk's Cap Lilies

The second plant featured in this photo is Dill weed. I Love everything dill. I love the foliage, the seeds, the immature sees… all of it! Of course we all know what Dill weed tastes like, chances are you have had it at some point in your life. Pickles or Tartar sauce with your fish. Even Dill pickle chips have that flavour (although it is not exactly the same). It is the seeds that get me, they taste almost like anise! Lovely! The seeds are a great addition to almost any dish, especially to stir-fries. They give it a little bit of mystery, makes you wonder just what that flavour is. Very nice.

Four O,Clocks

Last Picture for today! This is one of many self seeded Four O’Clocks coming up in the front yard. We had these guys last year, and they truely are a plant that keeps on giving! From the day they begin to bloom that attract the evening bees, and they continue to do so usually right up until fall! We have pink, red and white and they are an incredible display in the evening right on through until morning (this picture is from this morning around 7:30am).  I love them, what can I say, flowers make me happy!
Much Love till next time, get your hands dirty, plant some stuff and have fun!


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  1. I love it! you should join in on the Friday flaunt on Tootsie Time!
    recklessly planting and weeding sounds better and better all the time! lol


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