Feeling the Forlorn of the coming Fall


August is here, and the days are getting shorter, the evening brings a chill to the air. There is still plenty of growing season left, but the season is indicating an end. This is the time of year when I start to feel a little forlorn, thinking of the summer passed.

This year was Fabulous! Not only have we solidified our idea, but we have started the long road to making it work! We have mulched and planted and tended and watered more plants than I can count! I have to say, there are things we will do differently next year, but for now I am content (if not a little sad, cause I know we only have a few more months before it is really cold here).


Another indicator of the seasons swing towards fall can been observed in my front yard, the Mums I have planted near the front step have started to bloom! These are early girls, but still….

The summer has flown by, despite this and the subtly depression I find in this knowledge, there is one part of Fall that I just LOVE!


The squash are ripening quite nicely! There are plenty of them throughout the garden, we also

Another Squash, YUMMM!

have a whole bunch of cucumbers, corn and tomatoes! The potatoes are about ready to dig and here is hoping for sweet potatoes (I think it was hot enough)! There is still plenty of lettuce and sugar snap peas are almost ready to harvest. Just last week I had Purple beans with dinner!

What is your favorite part of the end of summer?
I guess that is all for now, much love and remember Eat Your Yard, it is fun!


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