Never underestimate the importance of mushrooms.

Mushroom, one of many! I think this one is called Coprinus Lagopus

I know very little about mushrooms, I was never really taught about mushrooms, their role in ecosystems or even what they are good for. I was always told, not to eat them, not to touch them and to well, avoid them at all costs. Now as a child I heeded these warnings with much trepidation, I was even fearful of mushrooms.

Now the variety we have in our yard vary, and some only make an appearance when the conditions are just right, these ones seem to come up whenever it has rained, or when we get a decent amount of dew.

a cluster of mushrooms

It was not until quite recently that I learned about the actual function of fungi in the ecosystem. Mushrooms are super important! They breakdown and redistribute constituents throughout soil. That is to say, the mushrooms take decomposing matter (wood or leaves or even chemicals), break it down and move it around. So if I have loads of grass clippings rotting in one area, a healthy mycelim layer will distribute the nutrients created by the decomposing gras. So, the nitrogen produced will benefit not just the plants in the immediate vacinity but also plants that are farther away. Pretty cool, I think!

Even cooler about mushrooms is that they break down environmental toxins. Oyster mushrooms have been used to clean up oil spills! They break down the toxins and redistribute their constituents.

My view of the world has changed many times over, but the more I learn about nature, the closer to a real truth I feel!

That is it for now, look forward to a post coming soon all about the grape arbor Joey built! Until then, much love and remember Eat your Yard!


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