A little off topic, but useful

The garden is awesome! I love working within it, planting and watching things grow. Seeing all of the varieties plants we have put in begs the question of what do we do with them. Why did we choose the plants we chose? How did we decide what plants we wanted in the yard…. Without explaining my rational it is hard to determine; so here it is, in part anyways the “WHY”.

this is me

Ok, so this is me, Lacy.  I have been reading about medicinal and edible plants for about 5 years now. Collecting books and knowledge, really trying to get a handle on what is useful and what is not so much… it has taken a lot of research and has dominated my mind as the one thing that I am usually thinking about. I guess to some I may be a little (ok a lot) obsessive.

It started out because I am cheap and I inherited a book called “Back to Basics: Natural Beauty”. This book that I found, in my great grandmothers house when we were cleaning it out, was not only inspirational but it got me thinking about making my own beauty products. Like most people it was just a thought floating around in the back of my mind for a long time, but access to information and a relationship with a local business person changed everything for me.

Last year I worked for a local woman. I researched, developed and created a line of “natural” beauty products. Long story short, her shop is no longer open as a store front and I have all this knowledge.

The first real change we made was toothpaste. Joey and I have 2 small kids in the house, and well, I refuse to buy safe to swallow toothpaste for the kids because not only is it expensive but it is wasteful


(extra tubes, extra $$, no thanks). So as part of my aforementioned project I created my own safe to swallow, minty fresh toothpaste. It is a bit salty, but really who cares? I can handle 2 minutes of salty followed by minty fresh! I make it with Baking Soda (good for everything!), creamed coconut (or coconut oil) and Mint Essential oil. Come harvest, we will use actual mint leaves in the paste. That is one reason we have all that mint!

The next change I made, less affected the family and was more for myself. I used to buy and use moisturizer. Like most women I grew up on the stuff. It was part of my routine to apply the goupy gunk all over my body, arms, legs face. Then I did some reading and found out that most of the brands out there are putting untested (and by that I mean that they have not been tested for long term exposure) chemicals in their products beause they produce great short term results. Not cool. So I went in search of a skin care recipe that works for me.

My husband and I had recently jumped on the Extra Virgin Olive oil band wagon, and he made a comment that made me think. he said “Italian women, especially from the Olive oil regions have such nice skin, it looks so soft” and he was right. But Why? The OIL, of course! I found a simple Olive oil and Beeswax base that is easy to make and versatile, cause you can add just about any herb. This recipe I have had for a few years now, and I just love it. So no more expensive skin cream for me! Just lightly scented (by whatever herbs I have around) soothing Olive oil and beeswax for me!

The most recent change we have made was to stop buying shampoo and conditioner, and no I do not miss the days of suds from above! I have been looking for a long time for some way to make shampoo without breaking the bank. It seemed every recipe I found called for expensive ingredients or uncommon herbs (although I did buy some Soapwort this year and will try it out next year, as they are barely established right now). So when I saw this simple trick I was astounded by how well it works and even more so by how healthy my hair looks these days! We use an extremely simple recipe and you can try this one too! Chances are you already have everything you need for this one around the house! We use one Tbsp of baking soda to one cup water, follow that with a rinse and a solution of one Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (and that is important because it is great for your hair, it will make it shiny soft and strong) to one cup of water. I leave the vinegar on for a few minutes while I clean my body, then rinse it out before I get out of the shower. I used to have fly aways like no body’s business, dry broken ends, hair that would not curl even a little bit. I am actually pretty vain about my hair these days… who would have thought that getting rid of shampoo would make my hair so pretty!

So I guess now you have a better idea of where I am coming from. It is not that I don’t want to participate in a healthy economy, I do. I just want safe, natural products that won’t hurt me or my kids.  I don’t think it is to much to ask for, so while I bide my time and wait for safe natural products to hit the shelves at reasonable, affordable prices I will save money and the planet by making my own.

Until next time, eat (or bath with) your Yard, it is fun and fulfilling!


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