February & March Update

Joey Hard at Work

So, it appears that Spring has come early to Wallaceburg. Usually we would still have a pile of snow on the ground and it would be way to cold to be doing yard work. Not this year (touch wood…. no more snow please), this year we started to do yard work around the end of February.

In January we have a friend who has a dump truck drop off some mulch, then it snowed and was pretty cold. By the end of February though we had made a dent into it.

Joey made, with a little help from yours truly, this raised bed with the mulch and a bunch of logs. This bed will be planted out with ferns, lettuce, and berry bushes come spring. The plants will create a nice little bed of green at the bottom of the tree. The logs that face the centre of the yard will be made into a bench, this is my favourite features of this bed (one more spot to stop and enjoy the view).

March has also been pretty productive thus far.The weather has been unseasonably warn, and relatively snow free. It seems the flowers think Spring has sprung. In the gardens most of our spring flowers have popped up out of the ground and are beginning to show signs of budding, some have even sent up flowers already. The picture on the right is of hyacinth starting to poke up out the ground.

In addition to the hyacinth, we have yellow crocus’ and snowdrops starting
to flower in the front garden. I just love spring flowers, they get my mind
 focused on the coming High spring and summer. I find that it is this little kick start that gets me started on the spring mindset…. like a subconscious message from Mother Earth… “Hey Lacy, don’t forget Spring is coming!”.

This weekend we were definitely thinking spring. We set up our first tray of seeds. In the coming weeks we will have seedlings! I am so excited! Joey also got a good start on a project we have been talking about for a little while.
You see, they side of our house has vents, and to be honest they are a little bit drafty. We had the idea to make use of the draft. Instead of just letting to warm air (that is already escaping) out, why not use it to heat a greenhouse? So, we got some flexible PVC tubing and well, the pictures speak for themselves.


Tubes in place, we just need to cover it with plastic.

This area is going to house tomatoes this year. The greenhouse will allow us to put them out very early this year, as we will not have to worry about frost. I think it looks great and will be super functional!

When we finish the greenhouse I will be doing a post  that is a bit more of a how, step by step of how Joey built this greenhouse.


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