Books, I love them!

Ok, So if you know me in real life you know I love books. I devour them whenever possible. Currently I am reading a book by the title of Barnheart the incurable longing for a farm of ones own.
I came across this passage and wanted to share it.
“True wealth is not about money; it’s about independence. Gardening give you back that basic freedom. All that might sound cliché, even to the greenest of Prius-driving Sierra Club members, but it’s true. Want a chance to make a million dollars? Sign up for the stock market and throw your hat in the ring. Want to TASTE a million bucks? Plant some snap peas: when they’re ripe and covered with dew, bite into a pod and start chewing. Now that’s rich.”
She sums it up so well. So we may be working hard, but who doesn’t for a wealth that makes the heart pound with excitement and satiates the most primal of needs. Food has the power to evoke emotion and bring us back in time. Let’s give food the attention it deserves!


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