A Slideshow and an update

Good Afternoon everyone!

I had intended to write this this morning, but life got in the way as it often does….

So whats growing on? Lots and lots! The last few weeks have been nice enough for the plants to really wake up and start their annual cycles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So yesterday I was minding my business, when I came across an unexpected flower! I guess, that is not quite accurate, I was messing around near the pond and noticed a hairy little ball under one of my wild gingers. Upon closer inspection I found that my wild ginger is flowering. In fact, it is flowering prolifically! The slideshow features a few photos of these flowers (in both open and almost open states).  I think they are just wonderful. My favorite part is you have to look to find them, like  life, if you look hard enough you will find the most precious and miraculous things!

A more obvious flower has also started to open around the house. You guessed it, columbine.  And yes, it is edible (I know, news to me too!). The flowers are sweet and rich in nectar. I fully intend to add some to my salads.  The best part about columbine is that it flowers and flowers and flowers. We have several plants throughout the yarden and it seems that every year there are more! I don’t mind.

We also have berries starting! The last slideshow had photos of the currents, jostas and gooseberries flowering, well those flowers have been pollinated and guess what!? There are little tiny berries starting to form. The photo to the left illustrates how the flowers dry up and form the berry at their base. As the berries mature, the flower will fall off leaving a perfect morsel, that is just delicious!

Speaking of tasty morsels, my fiddle-heads have arrived! And yes, I ate one this morning, I couldn’t wait for the frying pan…. Both in the back fern garden and in the front fern garden we have tonnes of these tasty guys popping up. I have been patiently waiting all spring for them to emerge (knowing full well we needed a few good rains before they would pop up), and after the bit of rain we had this past week they have finally emerged.
For those of you who have not had the pleasure of eating a fiddle head, try it! Sauteé them in a pan with a bit of garlic and olive oil and it is like heaven. They taste a bit like asparagus but they have a distinct buttery kind of flavour. If you like veggies, you will love fiddle-heads. I do!

Our honeysuckle is going to flower soon too! Not only do they smell heavenly but their flowers have the sweetest nectar. Yum…

To the right you can see that our Service berry is producing fruit! A few weeks ago we had lovely white five petal flowers. The flowers are followed by small berries that turn lipstick pink and taste similar but not the same as blueberries. The berries will plump up and get juicy as they ripen.

Our blueberries are flowering like mad too! After last years non existent harvest, it is just awesome to see flowers and in a few spots baby berries! Blueberries are a big hit in our house, when I buy them they are usually gone the same day… So blueberries in the backyard is great!

I guess that will be it for now. I will make an effort to keep you all posted about what is growing on in our neck of the woods.  Much love.


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