Rainy Day Blues, pick me up.

just ignore the clothes line hanging down, we are working on putting up a new pole near the house.

Good Morning everyone!

Sadly it is raining, no pouring here. Looks like we will not be spending much time outside tonight. boo.

Lets look on the bright side, we ate our first strawberries and service berries this week, that is the official sign that the season of abundance is abound, despite the rain.

I need to take a moment to just say how divine it is to eat a sun warmed, just turned red strawberry. It truly makes my taste buds sing. For those of us who take pleasure in good food, this is the experience of a life time. I guess I feel this way about most of our fresh fruit, and vegetables, and herbs….. If you have ever grown your own food, you likely know what I am talking about. Tomatoes taste better fresh off the vine, so do strawberries.

We each enjoyed a few of the pinkest berries on Tuesday, the day was warm enough that the berries turned pink over the course of a few short hours. Our service berries are super tasty as well. These lipstick pink tree berry is not only beautiful when it flowers but it bears pretty lipstick pink berries that taste kind of like raspberry candy, but they are mealy (pulpy, not juicy).

Tuesday was full of little surprises. When I walked out the door, I knew immediately that the Japanese honeysuckle was flowering. This wild bush has elegant white and cream coloured blooms, that fragrance my whole yard. It is a gentle sweetness, it give an air of enchantment to the garden. I guess because it is one more sense that is engulfed in the luscious texture of the garden.

I would like to take an aside, and just say that I always pictured my children growing up appreciating the magic that is inherent in nature. Nature is truly miraculous, I feel it in every cell of my being and I want to be able to convey that awe and joy to my children. I think that we have found a way to do that.

The strawberries and the service berries are just the first two types of berries to ripen. We have a few varieties of raspberries bearing fruit. The photo to the left is a variety that produces small black berries, that are tart, but tasty.

The photo on the right is of the cultivated variety of raspberries. Both varieties are producing heavily and we are expecting to have ripe by the end of next week.

Our blueberries are also producing. Which is a real relief, as last year they didn’t really even flower. I am looking forward to munching on fresh garden blueberries. Someone told me recently that they taste better if you leave them on the bush a few days after they turn blue. I don’t know if I will be able to wait… Just thinking about them gets me excited!

Well, I am getting a bit busy, so I will sign off here. Much Love.


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