So I made a video

So, I made a video this morning, but it did not work. So I will put up the slideshow, and try the video again later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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  1. Posted by Lynn on June 22, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Awesome – so inspiring. There’s a fruity-looking plant in one pic -the pic before the one with the “wasp” – what is that? And there’s something else that looks like a squash or melon flower. (I’m a “dig and plunk” gardener – dig a hole, plunk in the plant and be delighted if it survives the summer – I have no clue what half the stuff I’ve tried is) Love the playhouse surrounded by whatever-that-is that’s draping all over it.


    • Thr fruity looking plant before the “wasp”, was an unripe blackberry. They take a long time to ripen, but when they do…. the ones at the grocery store just do not compare! I am pretty sure the “wasp” was actually a black and yellow long horned beetle. I thought maybe a borer, but the markings are not right.
      I think you might be talking about the nasturtium flowers when you say the melon/squash flowers. They are the coral, yellow orange and red flowers. They are an edible flower, with a vining habit. We are using them to both ground cover and attract pollinators. The leaves are a nice addition to salads too… although they are pretty peppery!.
      The playhouse was a lot of fun. The Honeysuckle was in the yard when we bought the house, and I have always had it in my head that I wanted to create a magical feeling to the yard for our kids (who am I kidding, it is for me too!). The playhouse was a no brainer for me. We cut out a hefty portion of the middle of the bush, and pushed and pushed and pushed. Then we made a “floor” so the kids were not walking on gnarly roots, and left it. It has been 2 years and the bush is finally starting to fill in nicely, but I do have to periodically cut the honeysuckle shoots that are trying to come up inside of the playhouse.
      Anyways, thanks for the comments! Keep them coming, I love to hear from you all!


      • Posted by Lynn on June 26, 2012 at 8:05 am

        I thought that might be honeysuckle – it’s beautiful! It must be incredible to sit underneath it! My neighbour had a pink/orange one climbing the fence between us but for some (unfathomable) reason she hacked it down last year and now I don’t get to share the scent. I don’t understand people who ruthlessly whack out plants that have been there longer than a lifetime so they can plant a little stubble of some other perennial (but maybe that’s just me).

        Ah… I didn’t recognize the nasturtium because I bought some seed that I *thought* was nasturtium last year but when it came up it was nothing like it – guess I didn’t have my glasses on that day because the label (when I finally figured out what the mystery plant was) said it was nigella so, although it was pretty and I’ll grow it again, it wasn’t nasturtium so I’ve never seen nasturtium close up. It’s lovely!
        Looking forward to seeing how things change for you over the summer.

      • We actually have a coral and red one growing on the far side of our fire pit area. The Japanese one if so strongly scented… sometimes the whole yard has the intoxicating aroma!
        I really like the nasturtiums too! We grew them a few years ago, and they were truly prolific, so I was happy to get some for this year. We will seed save so we can just plant them next year.
        I picked up a yellow “moonshine” yarrow this morning, I will likely plant it tonight when the temperature lets up a little. It is a hot one here (and I am at work), so it is wise to wait out the heat.
        New pictures coming this weekend. Turns out that I can’t post video from our new camera on youtube…. not sure why, so sadly until I find someway to get them up, it will be pictures and writing only…. oh well.

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