Walking tour May 2013


A short tour of the urban homestead. More to come 🙂


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love this tour! I also use logs and trunk sections to edge my beds… they’re free and I think they’re beautiful. Have you caught any flack from your neighbors for having a non-traditional front yard? I headed this off by putting large native butterfly beds close to the street so what my neighbors see first is lots of beautiful flowers.


    • Well, our circumstances are a bit unique. We have one neighbor that loves our yard, and a few that do not even bother to cut their grass. There was also one house in our neighborhood that was empty for several years. Now that the trees and plants are starting to mature, the yard is starting to look really nice. We are actually hoping to get on the garden tour.


  2. Very nice. Would love to see it this year. We just acquired a plot in Portugal. Some old orange trees, a lemon, olive trees, cork oaks and some ‘natives’. Now following online pdc and we hope to develop our land to be just as gorgeous as yours. Keep it up! Sijmen


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