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The sounds of Squirrels and a slideshow

So this morning on my way to work, the squirrels were running amok. They were tearing up and down the tree trunks, chittering and squabbling. It was comedy. I always enjoy when nature shows its character, the squirrels are one of the more obvious examples because they are so vocal, so acrobatic….


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We are starting to get more food from the yard, which is a relief. At the beginning of the spring I was very hopeful. The strange Spring weather hurt our fruit crop, so we got less from the yard than we had hoped for. So now that we are getting food from the yard, we are feeling more grateful. I am able to see the abundance being provided, and my personal faith is reassured. We will be provided for, if we but put our efforts and intentions in a place of creation, abundance and love.


A Small Thursday Slideshow

We have squash blossoms, eggplants, tomatoes and bugs today! The butterfly stuck around for a long time, flitting between plants.

What a great way to start the day!

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It has been very nice out…

Faeries in the Garden!

So recently we have had a bout of lovely weather. Not hot, not cold, just right. We have also been blessed to get rain, loads of it. The gardens are just loving the rain. The plants will take tap water if it is dry, but after a good rain the plants just flourish.

This past week we enjoyed fresh cucumbers, they were (with exception to the one that was one day too old, and had a bitter flavour) so yummy!

The vines are also getting tall enough to climb up the trellis we built. The vines are so pretty with their broad leaves and pretty little yellow flowers. I really do enjoy the way veggies look.

Another pretty vine is butternut squash. The squash plants are all starting to take off. The one pictured to the right has vined its way through the peppers, around the eggplants and in this photo is creeping up on a celery (I think). I love the shape of the leaves on these vines, they are just so pretty!

This is the first time we have grown eggplants. I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of these plants. The have the prettiest flowers. You can definitely tell that they are a nightshade, the flowers are very similar to potatoes in both shape and colour (although potato flowers do very from white to purple). The eggplant flowers are have larger petals then potatoes, but the pistol is the same shape and colour as potatoes, and well, most nightshades. They are the give away.

I really like the foliage on the eggplants as well. They have a velvety look to them, but are smooth the touch. The eggplants in the big veggie patch have started to fruit. They take a long time to ripen, so it is great to see that we have some babies already. I cannot wait to eat these beauties!

The veggies are not the only plants to appreciate the cool weather and rain, the flowering plants have benefited just as much! To the right you can see our first Cup plant flower of the year. There are a few of these around the yard, but the one at the back, near the asparagus, was the first to flower. We are a big fan of the Cup plant, it attracts beneficial insects, as well as being pretty!

The Bergamot and Chicory are also flowering. Walking by their bed, you can hear the buzz of bugs. It is very neat.

We are planning to harvest the chicory flowers for salads and to candy. Then we will harvest the roots.

At the beginning of the season, we harvested a few of the roots to try. We roasted them and added then to our coffee. I was pleasantly surprised. They kind of smelled like arrowroot cookies. Is that what they are made of? Anyways, we added it to our coffee, and it was very nice.

I guess that is it for now, when the chicken pen and coop are built I will do a full post just on the project. Until, get outside and eat the weeds! They are tasty and nutritious!

A pretty little moth (or butterfly?) resting on a mint.

Since the video we have been very busy.

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So, Joey and I have been very busy the last few days.  We are preparing for chickens. So far we have put up the pen, we still have to build the coop and procure a fence. The pen is awesome, we built it the same way we did the large and small arbours. I just love the aesthetics of natural building. Watch the slideshow for pictures.

The kiddie pool in the pictures if filled with turkey poo tea. We have been fertilizing the plants liberally with the tea, and they seems to be very happy with that. The tomatoes at the side of the house are coming along nicely and they are starting to fruit as are most of the veggies in the veg. garden.

I was going to do a long post today, but I have too much to do here today….

Sorry for the Delay,

And without further ado,

Potatoes are delicious!

Okay, so I wanted to talk about 2 things this morning.
First, sadly I received an email this morning, the video will not be up until tomorrow afternoon, so we will be waiting, ever so patiently to see it. BOOO, but what can you do!
Secondly, new potatoes rock! Saturday for dinner I dug some new potatoes, and let me just gush for a second. new potatoes (and I mean as new as they come, freshly dug and washed), are simply creamy and flavourful! We roasted them with EVOO and some salt and pepper. Simply divine!
So, hopefully tomorrow I will get the chance to post the link to the video.

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